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[ profile] jpsorrow and I spent the afternoon at a con yesterday (one of my first outings in awhile, and apart from a quick headache intervention I managed quite well :D ). Books were sold and signed, and [ profile] jpsorrow had some fantastic swag for Zombies Need Brains (small press he launched last year, their anthology 'Clockwork Universe' will be available soon, I am hitting the formatting end of things for him shortly) available as well. It was a good day.

It should be noted that [ profile] jpsorrow and I should not be allowed at professional functions without our respective handlers (also, it would have been excellent to have [ profile] muffins_of_god and [ profile] pbray there).

2014-04-19 14.06.20
2014-04-19 14.05.53
2014-04-19 14.05.11
2014-04-19 14.04.35
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recently, I mentioned a glorious Hawkeye/Clint Barton addiction. I also promised pictures from World Fantasy Brighton. These things have much in common.

I was lured overseas by [ profile] suricattus, who is an experienced traveler and April-wrangler and was a beautiful balance to my anxiety around all places and things I do not know. Foreign country? Ranks real damn high on causing anxiety in the realm of things and places I do not know. But, we made plans to stay a week in Brighton, coming in early for the con to enjoy a couple days of London, involving a signing for [ profile] suricattus at Forbidden Planet. Where I found Tiny Barton.


I am rather infamous for bringing a mascot to the conference. All previous years it has been one of T's Monster Bags, which have taken bites of authors. But this year Barton applied superior infiltration skills and won pride of place.

Ridiculous pictures behind the cut )
fireun: (Timey Wimey) occurs to me that if I were independently wealthy I really would just want to edit and publish anthologies all the time. It is like Christmas, getting story submissions in my inbox. It is like magic, fitting the book together and making it work.

Anthologies are like a disease, ladies and gents. And once you are infected there is no cure.
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Cathy Carpenter, one of my authors from Fight Like a Girl, has some offerings on her blog today that will be of interest to those of the writerly persuasion. If you are NaNoWriMo inclined (National Novel Writing Month, which is November), she has a booklet on prepping for that month of merry insanity. If you have always wanted to try NaNo but are perhaps intimidated by high word counts in a short period of time, or have tried and somehow always fizzle out somewhere in the middle, give Cathy's offering a shot. It is free to download here.

Cathy is also offering a four week online writing class. It is a class geared towards getting folks back into writing, pulling through writers block and putting the pleasure back into the work. Cathy, of course, explains it better. Check it out!

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Well, [ profile] muffins_of_god has come and gone. We decided we shall not wait another seven years for the next visit.

We signed and packed books while watching Ultimate Spiderman. We visited my sister and mother, hand delivered some copies to local folks, and went on a short wine tour. I think that was a visit well spent.

Now...I get to know the folks at the post office rather well.

2013-08-06 17.26.21
As we start to build the stacks.
2013-08-06 17.27.04
CowCat is a helper cat.
2013-08-06 18.00.22
The last box of books. THE LAST.
2013-08-06 20.44.47
2013-08-06 20.45.13
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Having just finished my own Kickstarted anthology, I am happy to pass the word along about another fantastic publishing project that has been launched through that medium- Clockwork Universe, an anthology that combines steampunk and aliens. In the midst of it all, I thought I would have someone with a bit more experience in the field at large (and one of my very first proper editors!) chat about creating a small press and just why Kickstarter is becoming such a common vehicle for the publication of anthologies.

And now let me turn it over to Josh.

April asked me here today to answer one simple question:  Why did I create the small press Zombies Need Brains LLC?

The answer to this is easy:  BECAUSE IT WOULD BE FUN!  I got into editing anthologies with Patricia Bray a few years ago and we had a blast wrangling authors and deadlines getting the two anthologies—AFTER HOURS:  TALES FROM THE UR-BAR and THE MODERN FAE’S GUIDE TO SURVIVING HUMANITY—into tip-top shape.  Doing the first anthology was just a whim.  “Seven authors walk into a bar . . .” ended up not being the start of a joke after all.  With those authors’ help, we crafted the AFTER HOURS “magical bar traveling through time anthology,” and in a fit of “Why not?” I proposed it to Tekno Books, who pitched it to DAW, and the rest was history.  MODERN FAE quickly followed.

Unfortunately, Martin Greenberg, head of Tekno, passed away.  It looked as if there wouldn't be any more anthologies, at least in the near future.  Patricia and I sat on that for a while, hoping


things would work themselves out.  But I finally got antsy.  We wanted new anthologies now!  So I decided the best way to do that was by forming a new small press.  Zombies Need Brains was the perfect name for it, because brains are tastier when they’re well-read, and zombies do only want the tastiest brains.

So I formed the small press, legally and mentally, and now we’re ready for the first book.  Starting a press isn’t cheap though, so we decided the best way to make certain the project succeeded was to use Kickstarter as a crowdfunding resource.  This has two advantages—it raises money BUT it also gave us a way to judge whether the readers were excited about a project or not, since if they weren’t interested, they just wouldn’t fund the project!  But I think our first anthology concept is awesome.  It’s called CLOCKWORK UNIVERSE:  STEAMPUNK vs. ALIENS.  When aliens reach Earth, they encounter the clockwork mechanisms and Victorian sensibilities of a full-blown steampunk civilization. Inspired by the classic science fiction adventure tales of the nineteenth century, leading fantasy and science fiction authors will bring us tales of first contact with a twist, as steam power meets laser cannons . . . and dirigibles face off against flying saucers!


Cool, huh?  Swing on by the Kickstarter to check it out in more detail and then help fund it!  And please spread the word about the small press and the Kickstarter to your friends by blogging, posting, tweeting, etc.  We’d appreciate it.

There is, of course, a more serious reason for creating the small press.  Both Patricia and I feel that the short story market has been steadily shrinking for a while now.  One of our reasons for getting into the anthology business earlier was to help keep it alive.  It was struck a horrible blow with the death of Martin Greenberg.  We want to keep the short story market going, and the best way to do that is to start producing stellar anthologies with awesome authors and jaw-dropping cover art.  Zombies Need Brains will do that.

But really, it’s just too much fun NOT to do it!  So check it out.  And if you can, back us.  You’re not just backing a cool anthology concept with some great authors already signed on (Scott Lynch, Seanan McGuire, Gini Kich, Ian Tregillis, Bradley Beaulieu, Caitlin Kittredge, Gail Z. Martin), BUT you’ll also be helping to create a new force in the publishing industry with Zombies Need Brains!

@ZNBLLC on Twitter

Kickstarter: Clockwork Universe

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There are two posts I want to make. I will make the fun one first and deal with writing through the other one later.

Fight Like a Girl, my beloved Kickstarter project, has gone live on Amazon.That means you can support a bunch of authors, some of which you know from LJ, and future projects, but snagging a copy of our eBook. That and it is some damn fine reading.

One of the things we were able to purchase with the overfunding was the ISBN for the book. Which is awesome. And exciting. I honestly, I am so proud of my authors. If you have the money, grab a copy, please leave a review. If you don't, please pass the link around.

We really appreciate it!
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Jesse was busy rolling out of a particularly interesting dream involving a distinct lack of pants and out of bed. That dream had definitely not been his fault, no sir. He would never be caught poking around at the edge of Jesse’s mind, soothing and suggesting and…

“Sam?” Jesse’s voice was groggy and rough, sleepy and almost endearingly bemused. “The sentiment is appreciated, but honestly, the hell?”

The trick, next time, would be to be a little less obvious and avoid that being caught situation. Sam took as innocent a puff as one can take on a pipe
and grinned around the exhale.  “Have a good nap?”
“You are seriously messed up.”

“Say’s the hedgewitch with the evil twin, a pocketful of seriously bad mojo and no plan on how to deal with it all.”

And let is always be remembered, beta readers are for the crack, as well as the serious business of suggesting edits. If you ever wanted to see what goes on in my head while I am writing, is like dirty old man brain. It will stick around.

[ profile] muffins_of_god   DIRTY OLD MAN
me: Sam is not dirty at all
ok. maybe a little
but he is not old!
[ profile] muffins_of_god The label sticks.
me: it really does. I can only assumed he ate a dirty old man brain
It is like telepath fast food- terrible for you. sticks to the waist. Probably delicious at the time
me: ...I am no longer allowed to write telepaths

If you would like to help motivate my madness, and make donations to a truly excellent cause in the process, please wander over to my write-a-thon profile page and click the donate button. Every little bit helps!
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Ladies and Gentlemen, Distressing Aberration in the Corner,
This year I am participating in the Clarion West Write-a-thon. Why is this important and interesting? The Write-a-thon raises money for Clarion West, which is a non-profit literary organization that exists to support writers of speculative fiction. A big part of that is they are very interested in equal opportunity for writers, regardless of race or gender. As someone who just spent (is spending) a heap of time on an anthology highlighting female protagonists and female authors, this is a Big Deal for me. If you would like to read up on Clarion West, venture forth in this direction. If you are an author who would like to participate, or if you would like to support the Write-a-thon by sponsoring one of the writers, please go here. I would love if some of you would be willing to sponsor me in this. My fingers will fly over the keyboard in your honor!

Spread the word!
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So, the anthology [ profile] muffins_of_god and I put together has been sent to backers, in eBook format, and is up on Goodreads. [ profile] muffins_of_god and I are working our way through getting the print edition settled and printed- exciting!

If anyone is willing to give the eBook a read and post a review on Goodreads, I will send you a copy. This is a commitment, so please only ask if you are going to follow through. You can message me here or email me at fireun3 @

The eBook will be going up for general sale later this summer, I will keep you all posted. The print copy remains exclusive to the Kickstarter.
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The current radio silence is caused by editing 21 pieces of short fantasy.

I...will be back when the dust from this project settles.
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The web page for the Fight Like a Girl project is up and running. Please do stop by and take a look! I am still at the flailing/giddy/holyHELLthisishappening stage of things, so I shall leave it at that and go pack to poking at my authors.
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Amusingly enough, it took until today for it to sink in that this was happening- this project was going to fund, I have a group of authors and together we are making a book people want to read. We are at that amazing point where we have no stress- it will go through- and now we just have excitement. We have extra stories to add if people keep backing us and we have the knowledge that we are making something that resonates enough with people that they are willing to help make it happen.

There is just about a week left, and then you don't have to listen to me crow about the funding process anymore. Trust me when I say I don't mean to fill your friends page with my shilling for backers. But I do really, really think I have a book worth sharing here, and as the Kickstarter is the only way to get it, you may want to join in before the funding ends.

If you are curious and want to see what my authors are cooking up, there are two posts over on my writery blog with excerpts from the stories.
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My authors have started lovingly sharing excerpts from their works-in-progress, and I have posted them for all to see!
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Over the weekend, a group of the authors from the Fight Like a Girl anthology held a G+ hangout to discuss themselves and the anthology, hosted by Fandomspotting. Curious? Stop by and visit!

I am insanely proud of these guys, and the work they are putting into getting this off the ground. The Kickstarter is running for two more weeks, so if you are interested, stop by the Kickstarter page!
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Guys, we are seriously, seriously close to getting funded. If you have not, stop by the project page and take a look around. Spread the link for me. I have some fantastic authors involved here and I want this to not only fund, but really really fund, leaving no question as to the viability not only of the process but of the authors themselves.

$15 gets you the anthology. That's 20 stories worth of kick-ass fantasy in non-DRM eBook format. Organized, produced, and distributed by authors.
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I have wanted to post about this for a month, and it is finally live so I can.

[ profile] muffins_of_god and I have been plotting, like we are oft wont to do. But this time, we are plotting for the powers of good. Or at least awesome. We have a Kickstarter that we would love for you all to become involved in, an anthology. Exie approached me with the concept and then suddenly we were actually doing it.

So, click the link, take a look, and if it tickles your fancy, back us. If nothing else, please spread this link around. I would love to see this project fund!
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"The Modern Fae’s Guide to Surviving Humanity shorts are written by some
established fantasy writers and a few unknowns. Interestingly, two of
my favorites turned out to be by a couple of unknowns: To Scratch an
Inch by Avery Shade, a tale about a little Fae girl who finds out why
it’s not wise to scratch every itch and How Much Salt, a tale about how
Selkie are adapting to the invasion of their beaches by humans, by April
(Linda, at Goodreads) "

"...All of these stories stood alone just fine (if they were companion stories
to a series, I couldn't tell), but there were a few stories here whose
worlds I wouldn't mind revisiting - Elizabeth Bears', Shannon Page and
Jay Lake's, and April Steenburg's, in particular.
( Janicu's Book Blog )"

Of course...I always seem to get the writing itch when it is clearly bed time.
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The good news-
I had a signing last Saturday that went very well. Got to hang out with [ profile] jpsorrow for a few hours. Chat about important things like the next Star Trek movie and the possibility of future anthologies. 

The bad news-
I...ran out of copies of the anthology in which my story was in 45 minutes into the signing.

But hey, the bookseller still has her groove. Once my books were gone, I got to work on shilling for my author friends. It was just like the days when I was running the signings as opposed to attending :D

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