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Jacey Bedford is a Yorkshire princess who rides a white unicorn and bathes in asses milk… err, no. Let’s try that again. Jacey Bedford climbs mountains and trains tigers for a living… err, not that either. Okay, one more go. Jacey Bedford is a British writer whose novels are published by DAW in the USA (next up is Crossways, due in August). She has had short story publications on both sides of the Atlantic. She can ride a horse and make a soup out of six iron nails (as long as they’re magic) but she can’t do algebra to save her life. Most importantly she’s a Crow, or rather she’s descended from Crows. No, that’s not another bit of fancy, it’s really true. George Crow, a Yorkshire miner, married Eliza Lindley, a nailmaker, in 1860 and their daughter, Emma, was Jacey’s great grandma. Sadly, the Crows were a poor (but honest, hopefully) mining family and they couldn’t afford to send Emma to school, so Emma never learned to read or write. Jacey has been trying to make up for Emma’s loss ever since by reading voraciously (and writing). She lives with her husband, dog and books in an old stone house on the edge of the Pennine Hills in Yorkshire, barely nine miles from where George, Eliza and Emma lived their lives.  Though Jacey wished Eliza had left her jacket in a trunk in the attic, sadly she thinks she’s inherited Eliza’s knees instead.

George and Eliza Crow

Check out Mobbing Midnight here!
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'…”Maybe they want to be us,” my sister mused one morning as she lay on her belly in the living room, watching the crows out the cathedral window that let in enough light to have us sunning like cats, only half lucid in our laziness. “Maybe they want earrings and necklaces and fancy hats.” She rolled onto her back, stretching with a scowl. “But that's stupid. I'd rather fly.”

I bared my teeth in a slow sneer, wrinkling my nose in the disdain of the older and wiser in the face of a silly suggestion, but she never saw it, her attention caught and held by the trio of crows holding court in the yard…’ - Steenburgh, ‘The Way of Sisters’ from Fight Like a Girl.

'Way of Sisters' was written for my sister, who I lost in 2011, and it is thick with crows. Anyone who backs the current anthology, Mobbing Midnight, at $75 or higher will receive a recording of me reading the story as well as their selected backer reward.

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I have gathered another spectacular group of authors to put together a crow themed anothology- Mobbing Midnight.
If you cannot pitch in, or if for some strange reason crows are not a thing you enjoy, please share the link along. The authors and I really appreciate it.


Crows are peppered through world mythology and folklore- sometimes serving as a sign of ill luck, other times a trickster. From American crows to hooded and carrion crows, pied crows to jungle crows- they come in as many shapes and in as many environments as we can dream up.

Dreaming about crows, weaving stories around them, is the focus of this anthology. We have gathered talented writers to tell cunning tales of crows covering all aspects of fiction- fantasy to historical, with a bit of horror here and there.

I grew up on stories about crows. Stories of my mother as a child shouting back at them. Stories of their being an omen of one thing or another. I have pulled over to watch crows fly in to roost in the winter and laughed somewhat hysterically at fledgling crows during the summer. I am lucky to be very good friends with someone who’s head is full of crows, which has only enabled my infatuation. I am someone who loves crows, so of course I wanted to see if I could get enough people interested in writing about them together for a book. We have a group of writers with backgrounds that run from fantasy to history to the sciences- each excited to contribute a story to the anthology. Each excited to tell a story about crows

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Its that time of year again. If you would like a card, fill out the Google Form (this may keep me more organized than just having folks leave comments! Whoohoo!). As always, everyone is welcome.
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[ profile] jpsorrow and I spent the afternoon at a con yesterday (one of my first outings in awhile, and apart from a quick headache intervention I managed quite well :D ). Books were sold and signed, and [ profile] jpsorrow had some fantastic swag for Zombies Need Brains (small press he launched last year, their anthology 'Clockwork Universe' will be available soon, I am hitting the formatting end of things for him shortly) available as well. It was a good day.

It should be noted that [ profile] jpsorrow and I should not be allowed at professional functions without our respective handlers (also, it would have been excellent to have [ profile] muffins_of_god and [ profile] pbray there).

2014-04-19 14.06.20
2014-04-19 14.05.53
2014-04-19 14.05.11
2014-04-19 14.04.35
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recently, I mentioned a glorious Hawkeye/Clint Barton addiction. I also promised pictures from World Fantasy Brighton. These things have much in common.

I was lured overseas by [ profile] suricattus, who is an experienced traveler and April-wrangler and was a beautiful balance to my anxiety around all places and things I do not know. Foreign country? Ranks real damn high on causing anxiety in the realm of things and places I do not know. But, we made plans to stay a week in Brighton, coming in early for the con to enjoy a couple days of London, involving a signing for [ profile] suricattus at Forbidden Planet. Where I found Tiny Barton.


I am rather infamous for bringing a mascot to the conference. All previous years it has been one of T's Monster Bags, which have taken bites of authors. But this year Barton applied superior infiltration skills and won pride of place.

Ridiculous pictures behind the cut )
fireun: (Timey Wimey) occurs to me that if I were independently wealthy I really would just want to edit and publish anthologies all the time. It is like Christmas, getting story submissions in my inbox. It is like magic, fitting the book together and making it work.

Anthologies are like a disease, ladies and gents. And once you are infected there is no cure.
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First complete draft has been submitted!
Please signal boost this along, my friends. Support us if you can, but sharing the link is just as important. Let's make this happen!!! We really appreciate every little bit of support you can offer. We've done this before and we can do it again.

Thank you.

Dec. 17th, 2013 11:00 am
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I say, rather often in here, that it is the little things in life. And dammit, guys, you provide.

I was unable to do cards this year. For a variety of reasons. And yet, when I went to check the mail yesterday, there were cards. From some of my beloved LJ friends. You guys. Seriously. There were wibbles. Maybe some weeping (that CowCat just could not understand. Paxil withdrawal, my friends, is a baffling and fascinating mindspace. The cats do not approve). The more wibbles.

I love you guys. All of you. I have been so fucking absent the past year. And I hated it. And then there were cards. Thank you.
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2013-12-10 14.27.14

This is why I don't get the things done that I plan to every day. This cat. And that face she makes. Hard to move and disturb her once she has settled onto my lap. and she is always in my lap.
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I thought I should let you all know that I am a wee bit addicted to Hawkeye. Have been for ages. The current comic run by Fraction/Aja really seals the deal. It is a beautiful addiction. [ profile] artaddict shares this addiction. And she sent me a beautiful, beautiful thing.

The packing list itself...I mean...Look at it.

2013-12-06 16.01.33
And everything was wrapped in purple tissue paper )
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How would an immortal deal with the End Times? The world will inevitably come stumbling into apocalypse, and They will be there to witness it. We want to explore how myths, how fae creatures of all cultures, beings generally seen as eternal (or at least very long-lived) would cope with the end of the world around them. Be it through nuclear incident, religious fervor or rampaging zombies, we are going to discover just What Follows…

I have another group of fantastic authors, some new, some from the last project, all gathered lovingly to work with [ profile] muffins_of_god and myself. Support the arts for the holidays and help us make this book happen! If nothing else, please do share this link around! I would really appreciate it.
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Book winners have been chosen! [ profile] jesskastar and Jenna had their names pulled/kicked from the box first by Molly the Ferret.

Keep an eye out for another raffle within the week!
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Ladies and Gentlemen, Distressing Aberration in the Corner,

It is time for a book give away. While visiting with [ profile] suricattus over the weekend, two sets of her new duology 'Portals' were signed and set aside for this purpose. As book two of the series came out today, let's open the giveaway.

My usual requirements apply- if you throw your name in the hat for the books, please be willing to review them somewhere public like a blog or online bookseller. Or both.

The books are Heart of Briar and Soul of Fire. Do you like your Fair Folk with a bit of bite? Does the Tam Lin story sing to you? If so, these are books you are going to want to read.

Usual process, drop your name in the comments to enter. Winners will be chosen by ferret.
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Cathy Carpenter, one of my authors from Fight Like a Girl, has some offerings on her blog today that will be of interest to those of the writerly persuasion. If you are NaNoWriMo inclined (National Novel Writing Month, which is November), she has a booklet on prepping for that month of merry insanity. If you have always wanted to try NaNo but are perhaps intimidated by high word counts in a short period of time, or have tried and somehow always fizzle out somewhere in the middle, give Cathy's offering a shot. It is free to download here.

Cathy is also offering a four week online writing class. It is a class geared towards getting folks back into writing, pulling through writers block and putting the pleasure back into the work. Cathy, of course, explains it better. Check it out!

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Ye gods, where to start.
First, there was GISHWHES. It was glorious and fun and perfect and heartwarming and nerve-wracking and I cannot wait until next year.


And then there has been all the craziness inherent in getting copies of Fight Like a Girl out to backers (I am learning to hate formatting mailing labels. And that look everyone gives me when I trundle into the post with my arms laden with books). But, hey, I got to make a roadtrip to meet one of my backers!

Backer Roadtrip

And [ profile] corvus_animus has been in the process of moving into our attached apartment, so all manner of hectic there as I moved my office out of the bedroom there and into the living room on this half of the house.


My rescue received its 501(c)3 status and volunteered at the Dick's Sporting Goods Open (a huge event in this area). Dick's Sporting Goods helped get us started, financially, and we were happy to run ourselves ragged and loopy again this year.


It has been busy, but we are still managing to have a damn good time of it.

2013-08-23 17.38.39
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Well, [ profile] muffins_of_god has come and gone. We decided we shall not wait another seven years for the next visit.

We signed and packed books while watching Ultimate Spiderman. We visited my sister and mother, hand delivered some copies to local folks, and went on a short wine tour. I think that was a visit well spent.

Now...I get to know the folks at the post office rather well.

2013-08-06 17.26.21
As we start to build the stacks.
2013-08-06 17.27.04
CowCat is a helper cat.
2013-08-06 18.00.22
The last box of books. THE LAST.
2013-08-06 20.44.47
2013-08-06 20.45.13
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Having just finished my own Kickstarted anthology, I am happy to pass the word along about another fantastic publishing project that has been launched through that medium- Clockwork Universe, an anthology that combines steampunk and aliens. In the midst of it all, I thought I would have someone with a bit more experience in the field at large (and one of my very first proper editors!) chat about creating a small press and just why Kickstarter is becoming such a common vehicle for the publication of anthologies.

And now let me turn it over to Josh.

April asked me here today to answer one simple question:  Why did I create the small press Zombies Need Brains LLC?

The answer to this is easy:  BECAUSE IT WOULD BE FUN!  I got into editing anthologies with Patricia Bray a few years ago and we had a blast wrangling authors and deadlines getting the two anthologies—AFTER HOURS:  TALES FROM THE UR-BAR and THE MODERN FAE’S GUIDE TO SURVIVING HUMANITY—into tip-top shape.  Doing the first anthology was just a whim.  “Seven authors walk into a bar . . .” ended up not being the start of a joke after all.  With those authors’ help, we crafted the AFTER HOURS “magical bar traveling through time anthology,” and in a fit of “Why not?” I proposed it to Tekno Books, who pitched it to DAW, and the rest was history.  MODERN FAE quickly followed.

Unfortunately, Martin Greenberg, head of Tekno, passed away.  It looked as if there wouldn't be any more anthologies, at least in the near future.  Patricia and I sat on that for a while, hoping


things would work themselves out.  But I finally got antsy.  We wanted new anthologies now!  So I decided the best way to do that was by forming a new small press.  Zombies Need Brains was the perfect name for it, because brains are tastier when they’re well-read, and zombies do only want the tastiest brains.

So I formed the small press, legally and mentally, and now we’re ready for the first book.  Starting a press isn’t cheap though, so we decided the best way to make certain the project succeeded was to use Kickstarter as a crowdfunding resource.  This has two advantages—it raises money BUT it also gave us a way to judge whether the readers were excited about a project or not, since if they weren’t interested, they just wouldn’t fund the project!  But I think our first anthology concept is awesome.  It’s called CLOCKWORK UNIVERSE:  STEAMPUNK vs. ALIENS.  When aliens reach Earth, they encounter the clockwork mechanisms and Victorian sensibilities of a full-blown steampunk civilization. Inspired by the classic science fiction adventure tales of the nineteenth century, leading fantasy and science fiction authors will bring us tales of first contact with a twist, as steam power meets laser cannons . . . and dirigibles face off against flying saucers!


Cool, huh?  Swing on by the Kickstarter to check it out in more detail and then help fund it!  And please spread the word about the small press and the Kickstarter to your friends by blogging, posting, tweeting, etc.  We’d appreciate it.

There is, of course, a more serious reason for creating the small press.  Both Patricia and I feel that the short story market has been steadily shrinking for a while now.  One of our reasons for getting into the anthology business earlier was to help keep it alive.  It was struck a horrible blow with the death of Martin Greenberg.  We want to keep the short story market going, and the best way to do that is to start producing stellar anthologies with awesome authors and jaw-dropping cover art.  Zombies Need Brains will do that.

But really, it’s just too much fun NOT to do it!  So check it out.  And if you can, back us.  You’re not just backing a cool anthology concept with some great authors already signed on (Scott Lynch, Seanan McGuire, Gini Kich, Ian Tregillis, Bradley Beaulieu, Caitlin Kittredge, Gail Z. Martin), BUT you’ll also be helping to create a new force in the publishing industry with Zombies Need Brains!

@ZNBLLC on Twitter

Kickstarter: Clockwork Universe

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So, I was wandering around Tumblr. Like you do. When I saw this post.
And the whole damn thing is relevant, so click that link and read it and feel the feels.

In the mean time, I snagged the one panel I wanted to post here, for everyone that neglects to click on that very important and insightful link.


You guys rock my socks.

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