Jun. 24th, 2013

fireun: (madness!)
Jesse was busy rolling out of a particularly interesting dream involving a distinct lack of pants and out of bed. That dream had definitely not been his fault, no sir. He would never be caught poking around at the edge of Jesse’s mind, soothing and suggesting and…

“Sam?” Jesse’s voice was groggy and rough, sleepy and almost endearingly bemused. “The sentiment is appreciated, but honestly, the hell?”

The trick, next time, would be to be a little less obvious and avoid that being caught situation. Sam took as innocent a puff as one can take on a pipe
and grinned around the exhale.  “Have a good nap?”
“You are seriously messed up.”

“Say’s the hedgewitch with the evil twin, a pocketful of seriously bad mojo and no plan on how to deal with it all.”

And let is always be remembered, beta readers are for the crack, as well as the serious business of suggesting edits. If you ever wanted to see what goes on in my head while I am writing, well...it is like dirty old man brain. It will stick around.

[livejournal.com profile] muffins_of_god   DIRTY OLD MAN
me: Sam is not dirty at all
ok. maybe a little
but he is not old!
[livejournal.com profile] muffins_of_god The label sticks.
me: it really does. I can only assumed he ate a dirty old man brain
It is like telepath fast food- terrible for you. sticks to the waist. Probably delicious at the time
me: ...I am no longer allowed to write telepaths

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