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So, last Friday I dropped a very confused Cow Cat at the vet and proceeded to drive down to visit [ profile] suricattus. We had a hot date with an older man Saturday night (Springsteen concert) but I will always take advantage of some extra hanging out with [ profile] suricattus time. She is a wonderful, terrible person. There was an excellent deli, fingers of scotch, and episodes of Leverage involved. And the best Greek food I have had.

Did I mention the addictive, addictive episodes of Leverage?

I was woken the next morning by having coffee waved under my nose- quite literally- and then we proceeded to travel from the Bronx to Boston.


What a wonderfully inappropriate road trip that was. Really. I managed to sugar bomb myself at one point, on top of the coffee and sleep deprivation, and we already lure each other into conversational contortions best left in genre novels and not wandering about in the real world. It was beautiful.

I experienced my first proper tailgating. There was a serious sort of tent community in the parking lot. Grills everywhere. Beanbag games. People who looked like they had hunkered down a week ago.

2012-08-18 17.06.40

And I got my first Springsteen shirt. This is a big deal to me at least :D

2012-08-18 19.07.25

A wonderful concert was had (my first stadium show!), hilarity most definitely ensued. And I cannot wait until next month for my third ever Springsteen concert. Really, its damn good to have such damn fine company to share shows with.

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