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2013-12-10 14.27.14

This is why I don't get the things done that I plan to every day. This cat. And that face she makes. Hard to move and disturb her once she has settled onto my lap. and she is always in my lap.
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I can only assume you wanted some fluff this morning, specifically in the form of Lord Phaedrus.

2012-11-12 23.06.16

2012-11-12 23.20.00

2012-11-12 23.22.46

I came home from the closing shift at the reference desk, settled on the couch to unwind for a few, and Phae settled his bulk onto my shoulder, washed my face for me, and began to snore. It was like a tranquilizer dart. He also makes an excellent pillow.
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I sent the first of the Ducklings home yesterday. Oliver (darker orange) is now settled in with my sister's friend in Rochester. He took to the place immediately. It was fantastic. The rest of the kids are merrily charming the hordes at the adoption center at Petsmart. It is magnificent, seeing them so big and healthy and happy.

the kids

My little Halloween cats.


Photos by [ profile] corvus_animus
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Yesterday I got up to get ready for work...and realized most of the animals in the house, apart from Ferdinand, were still asleep. Ah, rainy fall mornings.

Oliver makes an excellent pillow, even as he oozes out of everything he falls asleep inside of. 
2012-09-26 11.40.57-1

Lord Phaedrus decided that his coat matched excellently with my curtains, and that my recipe cards made the perfect bed once he had spread them about.

2012-09-26 09.12.21
Cowcat was curled up in her favorite chair, and Mildmay was sprawled across the couch, still damp from an earlier shower. The rest of the ferrets were happily curled up inside of nests and pouches, less likely to spill all over than Oliver. It was a delightfully peaceful morning. Though, I really wanted to haul myself back to bed. All those sleepy animals kept making me yawn.
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And apparently they get cuter as they get mobile.
The kittens, at 4 weeks old. [ profile] corvus_animus has named the orange ones Oliver and Milo. Suggestions for the black ones?

EDIT- one black kitten named Dodger by [ profile] evil_little_dog
One remains nameless.

all photo credits to [ profile] corvus_animus and her spectacular camera (insert technological jealousy here)

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I am sure you will have noticed this picture begs to be captioned.

Cow Cat

So please, humor me. Toss some good ones into the comments. I could use the giggle :D
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I want to write a story around this. Eventually I will. It was a random shot, I just looked back at R and snapped it, and somehow it ended up being the most perfect one from the entire afternoon. 

When I saw the stag headdress (sans antlers, it is heavy enough, thankee kindly) I desperately wanted to wrap it around R. It wriggled around the edge of my attention until I finally gave it and as soon as it arrived, I lured R over, and it into his arms.

I will be using it for drum and dance in the future. It...just needed to meet R beforehand. I think the results were worth it. And Fox is rather fond of my old housemate Cat. Their personalities are pleasantly similar.

More photos are here )
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Down by the PA renfaire,in Lebanon County, settled amidst some cornfields, is an old stone building with a small white sign that says "Hokes Meeting House". Behind it is a tiny graveyard that immediately got my attention as we drove past.

I made [ profile] djkc  and [ profile] mdbl  walk a little ways up the road from where we parked at a Sheetz so I could check the place out.

We all know how fascinated I am with graveyard photography... )


Jun. 1st, 2010 11:10 am
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I did some photo work with Kaetzchen  and her friend Ross this weekend (when I wasnt helping remodel a friend's basement and working on some projects for grad school)

I think some of them turned out quite nice. )
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Well, seeing as The Demon is skipping town next week, we decided to have one last photographic adventure. This morning saw us poking around old train yards, run down industrial areas and the shell of what was the most oddly placed strip club I have ever seen. 

Image heavy, of course. )

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