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I promised updates! And snippets! And fussing over coffee!

Today's coffee is flavored- I opted for hazelnut as I was mostly still asleep as I fumbled my way downstairs for the cognition-granting elixir and it came in the convenient K-cup. Other things would have to be ground and measured and placed into the reusable cups, and I was just not up to that level of mental activity this morning. I then furthered my crimes against coffee by adding flavored cream- french vanilla in this case. The resulting beverage is rather delicious, albeit only vaguely coffee flavored. The mug is gorgeous though- a hefty hand made one I found down in the Outer Banks. 

I continue to work on 'Familiar'. I think I have worked out most of the plot kinks, and actually have a proper storyboard sitting about, and notes. There has been research! And the place is littered with Post-its. I do so love Post-its. As always, I am engaging in what I lovingly refer to as 'word vomit' as I haul through this first draft. Later will come the editing. For now, it is words on paper time. 2,000 words written, a few days left in the week to meet my 5,000 weekly goal.

I give you, dear friends and readers, a bit of a snippet- in which Jesse realizes just what sort of trouble he has to deal with.

It was very similar to the persistent tickle of a sneeze that plain refuses to emerge. It brushed against Jesse’s sense of the situation, distracting him even as somewhere in his brain a sense of horror was blossoming. The world turned inside-out with a pop that was felt in the ears as opposed to heard and Jesse stood, staring at himself from the far side of a crossroad

His other self was broad shouldered, assured, cocky smile plastered onto a face that had seen too much sun and wind over the years. There were charms in hair longer than Jesse would ever be caught attempting, hanging from a belt that had seen better days. They met each other’s eyes with a shock that slammed down Jesse’s spine and went right to his bladder as he registered a primal sort of panic.

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