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Its a very purple Yule.

I thought I should let you all know that I am a wee bit addicted to Hawkeye. Have been for ages. The current comic run by Fraction/Aja really seals the deal. It is a beautiful addiction. [ profile] artaddict shares this addiction. And she sent me a beautiful, beautiful thing.

The packing list itself...I mean...Look at it.

2013-12-06 16.01.33

2013-12-06 16.02.30

I am going to wear the purple hat with my Hawkguy shirt, purple chucks, Hawkeye SHIELD hoodie, and the Hawkeye knit hat [ profile] artaddict made me. and take a picture. for now, the hat serves as a tree topper.

2013-12-06 19.17.11

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What a great present!

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It is indeed glorious :D

Fandom bonds are strong, yo.

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It's a good good thing. :D

I bought a friend a stripey Cat-in-the-Hat hat one year, and she stuck it on top of her tree. Her children were less than amused, but all of us loved it.

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That is fantastic!

I am starting to recognize the benefits of hats-as-tree-toppers....

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I always thought a derby would look really cute/spiffy on a tree. If I did trees. Though I have three of them. I just don't set them up.

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I have been growing my tree in his little pot for a few years now. He summers outside, and winters in for the holidays and until about March.

a derby would look smashing.

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I had a potted tree in FL, but my ex hubby was good at killing my plants, so. The hurricane made sure to take my pineapple, but at least some animal got to eat it.