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And just because I assume you were all dying to see the story that ran on the rescue, here is the link to read/view the clip.
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I have a beta fish. His name is Tony and he lives in one of those magnificent little self contained tanks on my desk. Mildmay thinks I have brought him the best toy ever- he sits in my computer chair and stares endlessly at Tony as he swims around. Fish are soothing to me, and I really enjoy watching them. My parents have a 55 gallon tank that I adore and rather miss, but for now this is as good as it gets.

A fellow Life Long Tails member helped me pick him out last night. We were over at the Petsmart where we keep some of our adoptable cats as we were waiting for the local news to show up (!) to interview us about some of our cats. We have three young ferals we have been working on that are survivors of the flooding. They got treed by the water, and lived in the tree until we trapped and took them in. They are now doing amazing, and looked like they had a blast purring and preening for the camera last night. I am so proud of the rescue sometimes. The first day we had the three feral cats in public view I ended up bleeding as I was the one who put some calming pheromone collars on them to help with their transition into Petsmart. They were just so scared of everything. Now, two months later, I can cuddle and play with them with only occasional moments of feline uncertainty. I am excited that they are almost ready to be considered adoptable!

This is my favorite of the crew, Donovan. 


Aug. 12th, 2011 11:36 am
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 Life goes on, right?

Finishing my last paper for grad school (the most dry, unappealing thing I have ever written. Ever.) and working at acclimating the new Life Long Tails Rescue member to her foster home. Meet Susan (her name was Sphinx, but I vetoed that. For some reason all my ferrets need to have rather generic use names that are only amusing to people who have read the same books as I. Susan is named Susan as she is generally disapproving of everything and I do love reading Pratchett).


She is five years old, terrified of even Oliver, smells vaguely of cigarette smoke, and has been living on Meow Mix. I think I have another project. As if Sid wasn't enough of an adventure in teaching a ferret how to be a ferret...

She is a sweetie though.

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