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First complete draft has been submitted!
Please signal boost this along, my friends. Support us if you can, but sharing the link is just as important. Let's make this happen!!! We really appreciate every little bit of support you can offer. We've done this before and we can do it again.

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Thank you for submitting "****" to *****.  I'm going to pass on your story.  There's some interesting imagery here, but the tale overall just didn't grab me.  Best wishes placing it elsewhere.

Things that make me very happy about this rejection letter- you will notice the acknowledgement that the editor not only read the story but had something good to say about it. Fantastic!

What to do with this knowledge- go back, and look at what I have written with what follows that something good in mind. He liked the imagery, but there was not enough of a 'grab'. So, if I was interested in continuing to shop this story around I would then go back and look at the structure of what I have written. How can I rework things to better catch a reader? Maybe it was just not a good fit for the anthology, but maybe it really does need work. The first draft you write for you. Every following edit you are fine tuning the writing for an audience.

Never be too in love with what you have written, my friends. Enjoy your craft. Enjoy the sheer joy of watching the words emerge as you write, the words twisting and twining together into a tale. But know that your craft can always be improved. Rejection letters can give you immensely useful bits of information in regards to what you need to look at. If someone has taken the time to tell you why they have rejected your work read it closely, and even if you don't agree, go back and look at your work with a critical eye.
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 I just realized something magnificent.

In five weeks I am officially DONE with my MLIS and everything attached to it*. I was taking care of cleaning cat enclosures for the rescue this morning when I found myself mulling over things to do in Familiar- something I have not had the brain space to think about in a year. I am reclaiming brain cells and can finish the damn book! Oh, happy days.

This is important to me- I don't ever want to stop on one short story being published, and the book thus far (while it needs work) has met with pretty fair reception in the crit group and dammit if I will let something nifty like Egg scuttle away just because I could not knock together the motivation to sit down and write.

[ profile] djkc  is in the process of flipping his sleep schedule back to early to bed really early to rise, and I will be flipping mine as well. Since I write best in the morning, this could work out veerrryy nicely.

*Yes, I know I walked in Commencement in May. There is no Summer session Commencement and dammit, I was walking in my hood for my MLIS. Only had a pesky core class to get rid of and some hilarious electives.

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