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 Also known as that time I visited a lot of brew pubs, met a lot of authors, and took a lot of pictures.

Cliffs Notes version-
Got in Thursday after 9 hilarious hours in the car with [ profile] pbray , [ profile] jpsorrow , and Avery Shade. We checked into the hotel and instantly headed to brew pub #1. Good food, good booze, and then we took over [ profile] scbutler 's hotel room so that [ profile] pbray  and [ profile] jpsorrow  could watch Project Runway. I was in it for the 5 week old baby. I...have that cooing disorder whenever around wee ones.

This is where things get blurry. I know I attended Patricia McKillip's reading. And jpsorrow's reading (where we mostly behaved) and [ profile] yuki_onna 's reading. Time was spent spending in the dealer's room. Art room was perused. But the rest of the weekend was a crazy blur of networking, socializing, and brew pubs. I met more people than I can manage to write down. I have faces to put with online handles. I finally got to meet the wonderful woman behind Living With Ghosts,  [ profile] la_marquise_de_ , and Ian Tregillis, the man behind Bitter Seeds. There was much splendid conversation. I cuddled my copy of The Habitation of the Blessed after [ profile] yuki_onna  signed it....And then there was the whirlwind of meeting folks that was the mass signing on Friday night where [ profile] pbray  took me around to meet people I was too shy to walk up to myself. [ profile] unforth  ended the evening my deciding I needed to man up and just go have Guy Gavriel Kay sign something.

Craziness in bars. Craziness in pubs. Room parties. Homemade cheese. Agents. Ice cream with [ profile] unforth . Not much sleeping at all.

Click here for moderately incriminating and sometimes almost professional photos  )

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