Meet Jack

Sep. 17th, 2012 01:15 pm
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This is Jack. He was found in a dumpster. 


He is a little nippy, skinny and very sleepy, but I think he is going to be ok. He is currently in a nice, quiet quarantine cage with comfy blankets and Alexander's favorite cuddle pouch (I haven't told Alexander yet but I hope he doesn't mind overly much). He likes cuddling and exploring places he shouldn't be (like the bathroom trash can). He does not like shoes and having his ears touched. 

He especially loves chicken flavored chew treats.

Jack with treat

fireun: (Oliver face)
Arty friends! I am in need of a logo for The Southern Tier Animal Rescue Network. I have spent the past few months getting this rescue up and rolling. We are incorporated and now working on our 501 (c) 3. So far we have adopted out two ferrets, Sigyn and Oscar, under the new name (hooray!).

So, the next step is getting a logo, which is where all you talented artists come in. I cannot offer much by way of money- we are scrambling for the large sum required to file the 501 (c) 3 paperwork, but I can offer eternal love and credit wherever and whenever we use the logo. 

Drop me a line if this is something you may be interested in helping with.

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