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This is what my dear friend and I had for dinner. I will admit, she prepared it- I just ate. But I wanted to share the thrown together recipe that turned out amazing, and perfect for cold weather. My dear friend has Crohn's, and I have the vicious IBS that comes with fibro, and this is pretty damn friendly to both. The recipe is, as she writes-

In a food processor, puree (in batches)
1 large can of black beans (19 oz, I think it is)
1 large handful of shredded carrots
1 large handful mushrooms
2 large handfuls kale

Put these in a soup pot with a bay leaf. Cook for a while, then remove a portion if you have vegetarians over. They too can have some delicious soup. In our case, we wanted to share dinner with [ profile] djkc.

Then put in:
1 can beef stock
2 pieces of bacon, cooked, cut into little pieces.
1 pound sausage, rolled into meatball-things and browned
Another handful of mushrooms, cooked in the meat-fat (mmmm meat-fat)
Let it cook for another half-hour or so.

You can also use other meats... she has used pork shoulder and stew beef with success. But the sausage was utterly amazing. We ate it with just a bit of cheese on top ( a shredded Mexican blend) and blue tortilla chips.

We had a lovely dinner to go with our Season 2 Sherlock finale. 

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