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I hauled out of bed yesterday and wandered over to meet my new rheumatologist. We spent some time chatting and going over my records, and she pointed out that an MRI I had a few years ago indicated that I had degenerative disc disease in my neck. I pointed out that no one had bothered to discuss that possibility with me. Apparently that was not seen as a probable cause for my extreme neck pain and stiffness by the previous doc. Fun times!

So, apart from that bit of medical amusement, and the hilarious amount of blood I had drawn for tests as the doc now wants to double check everything the previous fellow had done/determined, I have been ordered to get a shiny expensive pillow, take everything not sleep related out of my bedroom (no reading in bed either), to take up Tai Chi and DDR. And water aerobics. I am iffy on the water aerobics. The new doc is less on the drug people and more into seeing what lifestyle changes can be made first. I like that, actually.

So my thyroid is being tested, and I am being tested for some deficiencies, and the doc will determine if I actually have fibro proper, or other things presenting themselves as a slew of things that could be interpreted as fibro if one were in a rush. Hey, still in a better place than 5 years ago.

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