Jan. 7th, 2013 11:47 am
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Meet Salazar, the newest resident. I wandered out to Boston to retrieve him last weekend (and, lets be honest, to visit The Demon and his lovely wife). Salazar's owner had developed an allergy to his biological byproducts and thus he needed a rehoming. Being as enthralled with serpents as I am I merrily volunteered to come fetch him. 

He is a sweetie, and makes the best grumpy old man face. 

For those wondering, he is a Mexican Black King Snake. Assumed to be around 10-13 years old. I am his third home.
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Mildmay is a very curious cat.


Vasuki is a very patient python.


This is what happens when I try and settle in for the night. I'm glad the cell phone is generally on hand, and has a camera.
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Shoki the Snake- Om NOM!
April- Um...You realize I am not a mouse, right?
Shoki- Nom.
April- It's cute how you are trying to constrict my wrist there, ineffective and only mildly painful, but cute. Four foot of python is not going to cut it, sir.
Shoki- Nom!
April- Ok, biting me under the finger nail as I pry you off was insult to injury, sir. Next time Vasuki is getting the plump mice and you are just getting hoppers. At least she was smart enough to realize she had done something a

This post brought to you by a rather hilarious amount of bandages and one sullen snake. How do they ALWAYS manage to peg me somewhere I am going to bleed so much? It's like I have targets, snake-specific targets, along the edges of my fingernails.

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