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Phaedrus, having decided to try the TARDIS tower, has decided to defend it with tooth and claw. And apparently eye lasers.

And now on to the ferrets, who find themselves in possession of a ferret-sized ball pit.
Here is Dare modeling the correct use of the ball pit.

Dare and Amelia- Dare is leaving through the super long awesome tube attached to the exit hole.
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Tuesday I took in five ferrets. Five. Surrendered all at once. The good news, they are the most well adjusted, healthy ferrets I have ended up with as a rescue. They are all around 2 years old, playful spunky little brats and I love them already. 

This is Quentin.

Fred and George (they are almost identical, and trouble makers. The names suit.)


Dare. One day she will actually look at the camera. Everyone needs to see her nose freckles.


Dec. 17th, 2012 08:41 pm
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Jack, the ferret recovered from a dumpster that we have been working with since September, was adopted Sunday! It will take some time for the small female he is living with to get used to him, but the other male seemed rather happy to have a new brother. Jack investigated every nook and cranny and dooked happily to himself the entire time. Best outcome I could have imagined for such a socially awkward ferret.

Jack, enjoying his new digs.

Hi Jack!

Oct. 4th, 2012 07:50 am
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Remember Jack? The ferret found in a dumpster? I am pleased to say he is doing brilliantly. He has turned into a charming, playful little bugger. The only problem we are having so far is that Oliver seems to see him as a threat to the ranking order, being another large and sturdy male, and every now and then tries to put a very confused Jack in his place. The fact Jack has gotten back on his feet enough to be perceived a threat by our ranking male actually pleases me, even as I sigh and pull them apart. But conflicts are not the norm. There is a lot of play and dooking and general ferrety carrying on. Ferrets are generally in rotten shape when I get them- the best part is when they start to get healthy and adjusted enough to be ferrets. Like Jack. Who tried to hoard my pointer finger last night. Seriously.

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Yesterday I got up to get ready for work...and realized most of the animals in the house, apart from Ferdinand, were still asleep. Ah, rainy fall mornings.

Oliver makes an excellent pillow, even as he oozes out of everything he falls asleep inside of. 
2012-09-26 11.40.57-1

Lord Phaedrus decided that his coat matched excellently with my curtains, and that my recipe cards made the perfect bed once he had spread them about.

2012-09-26 09.12.21
Cowcat was curled up in her favorite chair, and Mildmay was sprawled across the couch, still damp from an earlier shower. The rest of the ferrets were happily curled up inside of nests and pouches, less likely to spill all over than Oliver. It was a delightfully peaceful morning. Though, I really wanted to haul myself back to bed. All those sleepy animals kept making me yawn.

Meet Jack

Sep. 17th, 2012 01:15 pm
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This is Jack. He was found in a dumpster. 


He is a little nippy, skinny and very sleepy, but I think he is going to be ok. He is currently in a nice, quiet quarantine cage with comfy blankets and Alexander's favorite cuddle pouch (I haven't told Alexander yet but I hope he doesn't mind overly much). He likes cuddling and exploring places he shouldn't be (like the bathroom trash can). He does not like shoes and having his ears touched. 

He especially loves chicken flavored chew treats.

Jack with treat

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So, my beautiful Sigyn has been adopted. I was contacted by the local emergency animal response team on behalf of someone who had lost one of their ferrets in the flooding in the fall, and their remaining one was pining. They, amusingly enough, migrated to the same hill [ profile] djkc and I bought a house atop, so at least Sigyn has not gone far. 

Two days before Sigyn went home, two three year old males were turned over to me. We have named them Jonothan (family joke between my sisters, Nana, and myself) and Oscar. Jonothan is a hellion, while Oscar mostly trundles about quietly. He did get a bit riled up over toys last night though.

This is Jonothan-

and this is Oscar


Mar. 19th, 2012 09:34 pm
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What was that? You definitely wanted pictures of ferrets playing outside? I sure am glad I can oblige!

A whole pile of pictures of ferrets playing in leaves can be found here. Warning- may cause smiles.
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Celia-ferret, while a little on the sleepy side, seems to be doing better today. There are still some showings of illness, but mostly she is just crabby she has to be segregated from her family. Personally? I would be living it up in the good bedding with the space all to myself, not having to worry about Alexander deciding to be offended by my presence and going for my face. 

She also hates her antibiotics and gets a horrified expression on her face every time I administer them. It is almost as if she cannot believe something could actually taste...bad. She is usually quite the dedicated eater, our Celia, but she does not care for this food supplement thing either.

And no one else has showed any related symptoms so far, so fingers crossed! We are supposed to have Pickle and her family visit with our ferrets this week, and I do so love a Big Ferret Party.


Mar. 2nd, 2012 11:39 pm
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It started out as a normal evening- a good one, even. [ profile] djkc picked up our shiny new bikes (!) and some shamrock shakes (crack...) and made our way home to let the ferrets out for their evening romp.

Celia, the most hyper of ferret kits, was less than hyper, which set of some alarms.

Cut for ferret health TMI )


Feb. 18th, 2012 10:56 am
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It is a wonderful day for Alexander Louis the ferret. [ profile] djkc and I formally adopted him. Paperwork was signed, money exchanged hands. He is now our cranky old bastard, diabetes and shorter tail and all. He has been in 'hospice care' for the rescue for about a year.

He cuddles with us. Grooms us. Plays with us. He is our ferret.

So he gets to live out his days with his Oliver and Molly. And he will continue to terrorize all the younger ferrets we foster. And life will be grand.


Feb. 13th, 2012 11:57 am
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Yesterday, [ profile] djkc and I manned the trenches for the Life Long Tails adoption event. We hauled Alicia, Sigyn, and Selena along with us as adoption events are one of the few times we get to do a lot of ferret education. It is always grand to let people meet and handle the kids- I love that moment where people realize ferrets are not stinky, foul tempered creatures. Ferret harness in hand, we unleashed the weasels! Sigyn learned that linoleum floors are hard to scurry on, but that pet stores are fulled with fascinating things to sniff and explore. Alicia hauled [ profile] djkc all over the store, excited to be out and exploring. Such a wonderful, energetic change from the ferret surrendered to us at the November adoption event that could hardly walk.

Last night, Alicia went home with [ profile] libwitch and [ profile] gravmyr. I will miss my little grizzly bear in a ferret body, but it is so good to know she has a permanent home! And, honestly, she will visit whenever [ profile] libwitch needs a ferret-sitter.

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Mildmay wanted to help Alexander explore the new toy. We had one of these tunnel toys before the flood. Alex used to camp in it- defending it against ferret invasion with tooth and claw. I was excited to find a replacement when [ profile] djkc and I were out grabbing their food Sunday. Alex has, thus far, been very pleased with the acquisition. So has Mildmay, who likes to stick his paws in the sides and ring the bells.
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There is something absolutely glorious about listening to rescue ferrets play in the morning. Being a creature of deeply ingrained habit, I was checking my email first thing in the morning, and became mightily distracted due to the sounds coming from the ferret cage. Sigyn, Alicia, and Celia were up in the hanging nest duking (a low sort of purring chitter, the ferret happy noise) to each other and rolling about in play. 

Alicia, who was more or less on deaths door when she was surrendered to the rescue and had NO idea how to be a ferret (she came with a...hamster ball...). Sigyn who has only been here a few weeks. And Celia, who has become our all-purpose mothering ferret since she joined the household in November, even though she is just about a year old. I love seeing everyone acting like healthy, adjusted ferrets.

Sigyn eventually fell out of the hanging nest, but she is still at the awkward baby stage so it was expected. She has now chased Selena, the ferret she was surrendered with (another very young female), out of the octopus toy and they are having a grand tussle around the bottom of the cage.

Adoption event next month. On one hand, it will be great to introduce the kids to potential adopters, and it is ALWAYS fun to run into the 'but I thought they were smelly and mean' comment and merrily burst that bubble. On the other hand...can't I just hide Sigyn in the octopus and pretend she was here all along?
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And lo, the promised pictures were provided!

rest of the batch is located here!


Dec. 22nd, 2011 01:01 pm
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Its a funny way of deciding, but I can now say that little Alicia is 100% in the green, health-wise. I made the decision to open the divider between the two segments of the ferret cage to allow travel, and Alicia has (loudly) defended her turf against Molly, who decided sleeping in the Pirate Ship was not worth the trouble and returned to the top floor, and Oliver, who seemed more amused than concerned by the wee thing biting him.

Alex went to bite Alicia, and changed his mind as soon as she opened her mouth in his general direction. Little girl has some steel to her.

Celia is wandering about and, apart from one aborted attempt at curling up to sleep with Alex, seems pleased with the new arrangement.

Live with ferrets- never a dull moment.
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Weasley, the zoo ferret, came home last Wednesday and has settled in rather well. After some initial testing to see whether or not he could get away with the same toothy behavior he had been at the zoo (and getting scruffed and reprimanded for it) he has given up biting and started playing with the other ferrets and toys. I placed him in with Alice, and the two of them get along swimmingly. There was grooming and cuddling instantly (and one instance where she ended up riding him like a pony. He is rather large) and I think she and he will be the best of buddies.
Friday night I picked up a ferret for Life Long Tails. [ profile] djkc has banned me from calling her WTF (World's Tiniest Ferret), though it does apply, and instead we have named her Alicia. She is underweight, undersized, and I worry about health complications due to malnutrition, but she is eating like a champ and moving around so we should get her back on her feet soon. Celia is keeping her company and this morning I did catch them cuddling quite thoroughly. We are rather taken with Alicia.


Aug. 12th, 2011 11:36 am
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 Life goes on, right?

Finishing my last paper for grad school (the most dry, unappealing thing I have ever written. Ever.) and working at acclimating the new Life Long Tails Rescue member to her foster home. Meet Susan (her name was Sphinx, but I vetoed that. For some reason all my ferrets need to have rather generic use names that are only amusing to people who have read the same books as I. Susan is named Susan as she is generally disapproving of everything and I do love reading Pratchett).


She is five years old, terrified of even Oliver, smells vaguely of cigarette smoke, and has been living on Meow Mix. I think I have another project. As if Sid wasn't enough of an adventure in teaching a ferret how to be a ferret...

She is a sweetie though.

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