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2013-12-10 14.27.14

This is why I don't get the things done that I plan to every day. This cat. And that face she makes. Hard to move and disturb her once she has settled onto my lap. and she is always in my lap.
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Phaedrus, having decided to try the TARDIS tower, has decided to defend it with tooth and claw. And apparently eye lasers.

And now on to the ferrets, who find themselves in possession of a ferret-sized ball pit.
Here is Dare modeling the correct use of the ball pit.

Dare and Amelia- Dare is leaving through the super long awesome tube attached to the exit hole.
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So. There is a TARDIS in my living room.

cat tower
Technically, it is for the cats. But really, it is for me.


[ profile] djkc is very, very tolerant of his geeky girlfriend. Our friend designed and built it for me. Wonderful fellow and damn talented carpenter.


Jan. 25th, 2013 09:34 am
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Lord Phaedrus. The bane of every house guest. Neurotic wielder of tooth and claw in defense of hide and home. And overly concerned nanny whenever I am sick. He has not left me alone for a week. Right now he is pressed against my side on the couch, his considerably sized skull resting on my hip ( I had to nudge him off my lap as my legs were falling asleep so that I could use the laptop). 

2013-01-25 09.27.00

He has followed me room to room, onto each piece of furniture. He has to be touching me at all times. He grooms me all night. He is going to have somewhat of a fit when I go back to work Monday.

I love CowCat and Mildmay very much, but Phaedrus is my cat. Even if he is a cranky old man with trust issues. 
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CowCat- 2
Yule tree- 0

I am going to have to vacuum when I get home from work. I know she is a small cat, and that is a small tree, but MUST she climb it?

2012-12-19 20.45.54
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Mildmay is a very curious cat.


Vasuki is a very patient python.


This is what happens when I try and settle in for the night. I'm glad the cell phone is generally on hand, and has a camera.


Dec. 4th, 2012 09:53 am
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A few months ago I took in a nursing mother cat and her kittens. She was frighteningly underweight, everyone was riddled with jumping and wriggling parasites, and somehow Lord Phaedrus knew something was afoot out on the porch (which made for a cranky old cat).


Parasites were killed with enthusiasm and vigor. Kittens were weaned and sent off to foster families, vetted, spayed/neutered, and finally adopted. The mother was slow to gain weight, but damn quick to win me over with her ridiculously loud, albeit a bit hoarse, purr. She was vetted and moved from the porch to the house proper. Where she tried desperately to play with Lord Phaedrus, who would have none of that.

She slowly put on weight. She was spayed. Microchipped. She learned that my bed is really damn comfortable. She dances on her hind legs to beg for treats. She gets up into everything and fears nothing. And she is freakishly endearing.

I just really wish she would not follow me into the bathroom and stare like that.

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I can only assume you wanted some fluff this morning, specifically in the form of Lord Phaedrus.

2012-11-12 23.06.16

2012-11-12 23.20.00

2012-11-12 23.22.46

I came home from the closing shift at the reference desk, settled on the couch to unwind for a few, and Phae settled his bulk onto my shoulder, washed my face for me, and began to snore. It was like a tranquilizer dart. He also makes an excellent pillow.
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I sent the first of the Ducklings home yesterday. Oliver (darker orange) is now settled in with my sister's friend in Rochester. He took to the place immediately. It was fantastic. The rest of the kids are merrily charming the hordes at the adoption center at Petsmart. It is magnificent, seeing them so big and healthy and happy.

the kids

My little Halloween cats.


Photos by [ profile] corvus_animus
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Yesterday I got up to get ready for work...and realized most of the animals in the house, apart from Ferdinand, were still asleep. Ah, rainy fall mornings.

Oliver makes an excellent pillow, even as he oozes out of everything he falls asleep inside of. 
2012-09-26 11.40.57-1

Lord Phaedrus decided that his coat matched excellently with my curtains, and that my recipe cards made the perfect bed once he had spread them about.

2012-09-26 09.12.21
Cowcat was curled up in her favorite chair, and Mildmay was sprawled across the couch, still damp from an earlier shower. The rest of the ferrets were happily curled up inside of nests and pouches, less likely to spill all over than Oliver. It was a delightfully peaceful morning. Though, I really wanted to haul myself back to bed. All those sleepy animals kept making me yawn.
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So, there I was, minding my own business and (re)watching the first season of the new Doctor Who while working out on the elliptical when I got a phone call. Friends at the local radio station had some kittens they could use a hand with. They had been found in a garage. They were hungry. I happened to have formula and bottles.

So, this happened today.

2012-09-19 21.08.28
2012-09-19 21.08.56

The house was kitten free for at least 24 hours... (the Ducklings are with [ profile] eithnenicole as foster kids)

Oh god they are soft. Long haired and lovely. A little on the starved side. A mite traumatized. Definitely feral. But lovely.
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And apparently they get cuter as they get mobile.
The kittens, at 4 weeks old. [ profile] corvus_animus has named the orange ones Oliver and Milo. Suggestions for the black ones?

EDIT- one black kitten named Dodger by [ profile] evil_little_dog
One remains nameless.

all photo credits to [ profile] corvus_animus and her spectacular camera (insert technological jealousy here)

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I am sure you will have noticed this picture begs to be captioned.

Cow Cat

So please, humor me. Toss some good ones into the comments. I could use the giggle :D
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And now they can both see and hear me coming. [ profile] corvus_animus took care of the kids for the weekend whilst I was out gallivanting about with [ profile] suricattus. All picture credits to her!

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The kittens, just over one week old.
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I have acquired miniature versions of proper cats.

Their mom died during birth, leaving the lot of them stranded. I drove out to alleviate another rescue that did not have the space or resources to take them in, and brought them home to see if one of our local nursing queens would accept them.

She did for about three minutes.

So now I have pre-kittens. They are five days old. Little...wiggly things that know exactly how to make me willing to do things like wake up every few hours to feed them. Here is my sis with two of them.

Melis and kittenMelis

Anyone in the market for hand-reared cats?

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Once upon a time, when I was Very Young, my mother took us to one of the local animal shelters and had us pick out a kitten. We picked out a little female tiger cat and gave her that very common, but beloved, name of 'Misty' (I may have been reading a certain series of books involving a certain famous horse at the time). Misty slept in my bed until I went away to college. After that betrayal of her trust, she took to hissing at me when I came home to visit, just to make sure I understood she was miffed, before letting me cuddle her. She played fetch like a dog- and never tired of the game. She was quite the dedicated mouser, and as a result killed many Christmas trees as she scaled them in pursuit of invaders of the rodent persuasion. 

She grew old, as cats do. Getting thin and cranky, deciding the rug by the stove was the best place to sleep. She begged for treats whenever someone walked by the designated treat drawer, knowing we were helpless to deny her anything in her dotage. We carried her to and fro, knowing full well she was spry enough to jump up on the table to steal butter after we had gone to bed.

She grew old, as cats do, and quiet. Her squeaky meow became wispy and her hisses almost absentminded. And when her body finally started to fail, we did what pet families dread and took her for the quicker, quiet death she had earned as we could not bear to watch her labored breathing, the way she struggled to stand but could not get her legs to obey her like they should. My sister carried her to the vet, held her the entire time, and carried her home to be buried in the garden my mother made for the sister we lost.

"Now Teresa has a cat," she said to me. And I didn't know whether to laugh or cry. So I did both.

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Prepare bath for Ferdinand.
Prepare coffee.
Provide Phaedrus and Mildmay with gushy foods.
Prepare coffee and toast.
Sit to eat toast and drink coffee at the computer.
Chase Mildmay away from the toast. Repeat. 
Place Mildmay in front of the gushy foods, try and sit back down to eat toast.
Chase Mildmay away from toast. Repeat.
Wonder if  cat hair counts as fiber.

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