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Ladies and Gentlemen, Distressing Aberration in the Corner,

It is time for a book give away. While visiting with [ profile] suricattus over the weekend, two sets of her new duology 'Portals' were signed and set aside for this purpose. As book two of the series came out today, let's open the giveaway.

My usual requirements apply- if you throw your name in the hat for the books, please be willing to review them somewhere public like a blog or online bookseller. Or both.

The books are Heart of Briar and Soul of Fire. Do you like your Fair Folk with a bit of bite? Does the Tam Lin story sing to you? If so, these are books you are going to want to read.

Usual process, drop your name in the comments to enter. Winners will be chosen by ferret.
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 “They say the end is nigh. I think we’re living in the aftermath already (Dragon Virus, pg. 69).”

It looks like such a small book- unassuming, taking up so little shelf space. But it is a trick. As soon as you start to read it will spread through your brain, unavoidable as the spread of the virus the book tracks. It is a cascade in six parts, a staggering move through religion and science before settling firmly into a desperate dig at humanity itself.

Rest of the review can be found here.

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