Jul. 17th, 2012 01:25 pm
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The garden has been good to me. Today I could hardly carry in all the Sun Gold tomatoes (amazingly sweet cherry tomato)
tomato explosion!
Last night, it was carrots. A traditional orange and a purple variety.
Carrot explosion!
The Dragon Tongue beans (the purple guys) have also been spectacular.
garden explosion!
I can't wait until I start pulling in more of the squashes. There is so much growing out there right now.


Jul. 10th, 2011 10:49 am
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Well, it is July, and the garden is going pretty well! Gardens, I should say. The front yard is a delightful mass of three strains of morning glories which are doing something wonderful involving influencing each other's colors. I had pink bearded and strawberry swirl segregated by sides of the front step last year. I added in some Grandpa Otts this year, and mixed everyone together, and some mutant colors are appearing. I love it!

The vegetable garden is getting itself sorted out. There have been some guerrilla warfare between small mammals and myself (damn groundhog and its infernal need to nest right under the porch my garden is on! Stupid chipmunks and their apparent love of soybeans and broccoli!) but I have solved most of the other issues that were popping up and am starting to get actual vegetables to devour.

This is me, so of course there are pictures of pretty flowers and a spiffy container garden layout

Morning gloriesMorning gloriesMorning gloriesMorning gloriesMorning gloriesMorning glories
Morning gloriesZucchiniSummer squashRoma tomatoesBush beansSoybeans and Broccoli
CukesCukesPeaswalking onion and micro greensRoma tomatoes and sauce herbsHot and bell peppers
Vegetable gardenVegetable gardenFlower garden

Garden, a set on Flickr.

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Heavy with delicious images )
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In no logical order, behind the cut is what is planned for the garden project I have going on with two friends. We are turning a yard into a series of gardens. there are spread sheets involved so far. and a whole lot of little peat pots as we get ready to indoor start the veggies that require it. looks like we will be setting up a garden blog as this is one huge learning experience and adventure, so i will keep you guys posted on that. I can't wait for the delicious harvests. and actually looking forward to breaking ground (and most likely our backs) over the next few weeks.

our experience is mixed. i mainly do container gardens when it comes to veggies. my sprawling garden experience has been all flowers and herbs. my compatriot turned her yard into a garden last year with pretty good results. our victim/third involved party doesnt want to mow and has a culinary degree, so the idea of all this fresh food makes him happy in fantastic ways. by our powers combined...

Honestly, this will be epic )

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