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Those new to the program might be unaware of my love of couchsurfing. I have yet to avail myself of the use of someone else's couch, but I love hosting. Last night we had a young girl and her friend pop by and spend the night before attending Habitat for Humanity training (located about 2 miles from my home- they picked an excellent host to query!)

I will admit, rarely have I seen someone wholeheartedly take to EVERY animal in the house like that- scaled, furred, and feathered alike. The ferrets were quite the hit. Her compatriot, who stayed with another host and met us for breakfast, suggested I offer a complimentary ferret with every surfer. Binghamton not being much of a destination she thought that would increase the number of requests I get :D Fun and funny bunch of people, and totally welcome back any time.

After parting with my surfers (after a glorious diner breakfast) I ambled over to spend a spectacular morning and afternoon with [ profile] gravmyr sterilizing bottles and then bottling the milk wine that has been merrily brewing along in his basement since summer. We may have also visited the brew supply store so I could oooh and aaah at everything and [ profile] gravmyr could point out what supplies and kits I could use. Since this is how firespinning started, well, anyone like homebrew?

The less majestic end of the brewing process- doing all the dishes before bottling. Washing in hot soapy water, and then they sit in a sterilization bath for 20 minutes.

2013-02-19 12.35.27

Delicious milk wine making its way from the carboy into lovely little bottles.

2013-02-19 13.26.53

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