Feb. 13th, 2012 11:57 am
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Yesterday, [ profile] djkc and I manned the trenches for the Life Long Tails adoption event. We hauled Alicia, Sigyn, and Selena along with us as adoption events are one of the few times we get to do a lot of ferret education. It is always grand to let people meet and handle the kids- I love that moment where people realize ferrets are not stinky, foul tempered creatures. Ferret harness in hand, we unleashed the weasels! Sigyn learned that linoleum floors are hard to scurry on, but that pet stores are fulled with fascinating things to sniff and explore. Alicia hauled [ profile] djkc all over the store, excited to be out and exploring. Such a wonderful, energetic change from the ferret surrendered to us at the November adoption event that could hardly walk.

Last night, Alicia went home with [ profile] libwitch and [ profile] gravmyr. I will miss my little grizzly bear in a ferret body, but it is so good to know she has a permanent home! And, honestly, she will visit whenever [ profile] libwitch needs a ferret-sitter.


Dec. 22nd, 2011 01:01 pm
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Its a funny way of deciding, but I can now say that little Alicia is 100% in the green, health-wise. I made the decision to open the divider between the two segments of the ferret cage to allow travel, and Alicia has (loudly) defended her turf against Molly, who decided sleeping in the Pirate Ship was not worth the trouble and returned to the top floor, and Oliver, who seemed more amused than concerned by the wee thing biting him.

Alex went to bite Alicia, and changed his mind as soon as she opened her mouth in his general direction. Little girl has some steel to her.

Celia is wandering about and, apart from one aborted attempt at curling up to sleep with Alex, seems pleased with the new arrangement.

Live with ferrets- never a dull moment.

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