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Jacey Bedford is a Yorkshire princess who rides a white unicorn and bathes in asses milk… err, no. Let’s try that again. Jacey Bedford climbs mountains and trains tigers for a living… err, not that either. Okay, one more go. Jacey Bedford is a British writer whose novels are published by DAW in the USA (next up is Crossways, due in August). She has had short story publications on both sides of the Atlantic. She can ride a horse and make a soup out of six iron nails (as long as they’re magic) but she can’t do algebra to save her life. Most importantly she’s a Crow, or rather she’s descended from Crows. No, that’s not another bit of fancy, it’s really true. George Crow, a Yorkshire miner, married Eliza Lindley, a nailmaker, in 1860 and their daughter, Emma, was Jacey’s great grandma. Sadly, the Crows were a poor (but honest, hopefully) mining family and they couldn’t afford to send Emma to school, so Emma never learned to read or write. Jacey has been trying to make up for Emma’s loss ever since by reading voraciously (and writing). She lives with her husband, dog and books in an old stone house on the edge of the Pennine Hills in Yorkshire, barely nine miles from where George, Eliza and Emma lived their lives.  Though Jacey wished Eliza had left her jacket in a trunk in the attic, sadly she thinks she’s inherited Eliza’s knees instead.

George and Eliza Crow

Check out Mobbing Midnight here!

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